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” Every moment of your life will be important if you make them remember. “

– Dinesh Das

“Never forget what you were and came from”

” I am just an ordinary Boy trying to be better than I was yesterday “

My name is Dinesh Das. I am a Bengali, Indian small-town boy. I left my home after completing my Higher Secondary and moved to Kolkata at the age of 17 only. At that time it was always my priority to become financially “Independent” which I became eventually. I still do remember that I  used to do night shift BPO jobs to survive with my hostel fees and used to enjoy my classes dozing in the front row of my class every day in the second half only. As mostly I used to enjoy sleeping and regaining energy for strength and physical energy. Although I have completed my bachelor’s Degree then Masters Degree and M.Phil Degree***. For this I would always be grateful to all my teachers from my first day of learning to till date, I can not specifically tell any name – “You all were/are in My heart and memory”

I also used to enjoy other activities like Physical Exercise, or sometimes times took extra knowledge from Partha Sir’s Mixed Martial Arts classes which eventually turned into kickboxing nowadays. I do remember even taking two memorable tours of my life as a participant in the University Mountaineering and Hiking expedition. Oh! I forgot to mention In Between I also got a few govt jobs in both state-level and central level in 2012 to 2014 ” A dream cum true ” for any lower-class family (BPL – Below Poverty level) person and I took those opportunities and left them as well. Then I got a fellowship in my  M. Phil Level this amount was big enough b-uaaaaaa -aaaaat!

Again I did not focus on the same thing and was refused to withdraw from any sort of grant from my fellowship, I was doing something else……….

If you have come across this far means you are interested to know “what was I doing ?”

In a short form, I was doing business and now I am very happy to call myself an entrepreneur. Right now I own more than three brands (they are brands) and remote offices located on three continents. Although it is all in a startup form and will grow sooner might be already grown as you are reading this article right now. Now here are a few questions those came to my mind and stopped my self from those lucrative jobs and govt aids I got earlier in my life, I think you should also ask these basic questions to yourself as well….( questions are down below )

  1. If you are a homeless person like I was or like a person Intend to buy your house or flat in a good society how much money you should earn monthly and how much it will be spent on your house loan?
  2.  Are you kind of a guy who wants to spend your whole life on public transportation? or else kindly get some exact idea how much a new vehicle going to cost you monthly including all charges.. ( and trust me giving a second-hand vehicle is not always a good idea I would rather eventually support public transportation; its not even worse kind of services we have)
  3. What kind of medical benefit you have for your family and does it cover all kinds of illnesses (like cancer which is very common nowadays) in a good treatment center?
  4. After only these 3 do you have enough to survive happily with a better pension plan (as govt has launched new policies nowadays) with some emergency fund? 

So it was simple and deep thoughts which gave me the path where I am now and trust me I have already spent that much amount of money in last 4 to 5 years which I was about to earn in my entire life with those govt salaries…

So you might be asking why I am sharing all my stories!

the Simple answers are

    i) If at least I can change a person’s life in a good direction it is going to affect everyone in touch with him/her including family members to his business associates, new vacancies will be created and its passive effect is going to impact the social-economic scenario greatly.

  ii) Surely I am going to get financially and socially profitable as you are now even reading this article. If you like the truth do look into other parts of this website everything here is “PRICELESS”.

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