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I like reading and writing so I found this way to express my experiences, thoughts, expressions, love, like, affection, feelings, dislikes, expertise, all in a place in a form of word …

and see I found you here too…

If you like my writings kindly share your thoughts on that and if you don’t like it at all or thinks it could be improved kindly let me know too. Your opinion matters the most for me…

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                     here I try to express my feelings with my believe, sincerity, and true form of a part of my life (as it is not any way possible to represent my whole life here by any means). Whether it is  a book which I am publishing through my blog or my video recommendation or any kind of experience I share You may trust totally that I have given my 100% effort and exact details which I know in reality as well. Moreover if there is a difference of opinion  kindly do oppose that without hesitation …

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