Indi Boy : A brief Discussion to enlighten the People.

We need a brief disclosure about whatever this Indi Boy is… The way I want to take it forward is kind of different. To understand my thoughts and vision kindly do read these question and answers below 👇👇👇

What is Indi Boy?

Indi Boy – is a movement,  is a fight,  is a hope to overcome all our obstacles in life basically related to the financial sector. The way I want this thing to be disclosed to the world is kind of different.
All of us must agree that in a society where we live there could have been many things but not true and unveil the reality of our financial independence. We agree on things that the people who control this financial sector are in charge of our society. Although we have the freedom to vote,  select a political candidate for our society,  select our preferred job,  nowadays it is possible to choose our working hours, buy a car of our choice,  sometimes to marry the person we like,  but in the deep down we know is that most of this decisions are affected by how much we earn.

And we are not on the same page on this point.

We do not believe that there is no limitation on earning unlimited money or we can easily break the barriers of our income.
So here I am not going to say that I will be helping you out to break that very hour of your Limited earning source but I can assure you that I would help you out to gain a lot of knowledge and possibilities to overcome this limitation thought that we have in mind.
Although it is a matter of reality and practice that varies from person to person as per their intention and practice in practicality.

Who is Indi Boy?

As I said my demonstrations are quite different from others. In my opinion, Indi Boy is a movement,  so everybody could be an Indi Boy. here  I want to mean that Indi Boy (sorry but I did not really want to mean it to gender specifically, but to make it catchy) is a person who is independent to take his financial and other decisions. 

So I believe you understand now also you can be an Indi Boy.

What is my profit to be an Indi Boy?

Yes,  I even want to quote the word “profit”. if someone is asking you to be something without any profit so that’s bad very bad.  always everyone should understand the reason why the person is doing, whatever it is doing.
I would say it is all about knowledge and practice in real life without hampering your daily activities or agenda whatever you are into.  Moreover, it is a chance to contribute the maximum from your end to society. 

Is there any surety about this Indi Boy movement?

Yes,  I can assure you 100% of the success of this program with experience expertise and economic “ profit”.  to know more you have to join into it.

What are the live and Practical practices of this movement Indi Boy?

 there are many but I would like to give you a few examples here :
1. explaining about liability and asset
2. giving a brief understanding of how to create passive income
3. giving a resolution on how money works in real life
4. giving a total  Digital solution for anyone who wants to create economic flow for totally free
5. creating a community of knowledgeable people who are determined in their life to create a better society and Wealth Management System.

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