What is “IndiBoy” ? all you need to know about Indiboy – Dinesh Das

It has been longer, 3rd or 4th generation of independance we are “enjoying…!/?” but from what? it has been the same for the most of the people from white to brown only the colour of the ruler has been changed not the society structure.

Dinesh Das

Indiboy a brief thought to explode in our minds :

IndiBoy : if we look closely at our society do we agree on the same fact that only a few of the people are controlling the rest of the majority with only mind barriers and the so-called “system”? We are asked if what we want to be in our childhood but thought whatever a handful of people wants us to read practice and believe in our minds.

in a few examples I will explain it to you :

  1. can you imagine why do you answer on calling by your name? means even if your name is “Mr. X” and you are in a stadium full with a few of “Mr. X” then if suddenly a person unlonwn to you loudly shouts nearby you with Your name ” Mr. X” you feel to answer as it has a common ground correct? because you have been called and believed that You are “Mr. X” same for your knowledge you do believe in. I say its high time to start questioning on facts and rechecking them.
  2. You might be from any religion and believing some thing/super power as your so called God/allah/Bhagban. Then must be as per the common law you would be doing your regular prayers as dictate to you, tought to you, and make you believe that you should be in the practice of that thing. Then I would ask you a very simple question that have you tried to check out the meanings of the chants of that prayers you are practing everyday? try it now because its high time. In short the meaning are : ” I believeYou ( the dedicated god)   are the supreme power in the whole universe and I’m nothing in front of you.  so I’m dedicating my life to you my lord,  my creator.  save me once I am in Great danger because only you can do that. I’m nothing but apart of you,  and I’m nothing without you so help me to do things that I need to do.” Now try to understand what happens if you keep doing this thing as a practice,  depending on how many times you have been asked to do keep running your practices per day.  I know it has been a pretty difficult and questioning thing to Believe on.  but there’s only one simple answer I’m asking you, Why do you exactly call your dad, your dad?  you never saw that he is your dad in reality.  you only have been told that that person is your dad and you have been calling him by the name and it has been a practice I’d say.  it’s kind of practising Vedas as “SHRUTI” 
  1. I have given you to head up negative examples no let’s give you one positive one.  you might be reading a book or this blog,  or even trying to clear out your board exams.  why do you think that you can complete the task because you have been taught the same that yes you can do that?

Now the real question is what are you doing in life?  you should ask that question yourself. You know that truth that there are a few people who are Enjoying better livelihood, views, experience and moreover in charge of you.  I think you can,  You can break the chain of this slavery and Discrimination.  just try to understand the difference between where and what it takes to make you inferior to anyone. 

Look at the history of human civilization,  in fact, the modern system is not any different than the mediaeval or  ancient period.

There used to be Kings nowadays the modification brings us, leaders.

There used to be a lack of information sharing  And nowadays the advantage of hearing information as it requires,  or better to say misleading information can be spared very easily.

Now again we are at square one.

It has been many things but the free Minds always have been there and here now like you are.

So are you ready to ask questions on things that you do not understand then welcome to this  movement “ IndiBoy”. We are sorry to put it as gender-specific but it’s not.  The boy has been added only to make more search engine optimised content nothing else. 

Now, what are you trying to accomplish?

We’re just trying to break the barriers of the mind.  the barriers that have been created based on economy,  education, religion,  geographical location,  gender,  power, politics,  interest groups,  culture And trying to just give you you a free space where you can see the reality is on your own experience and expertise with a free mind that can ask any question without hesitation.

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