What is Indiboy?

Indiboy is that particular mindset, it is that particular revolution where we really find ourselves independent. Independent from regular themes of our society and culture. Independent from regular irregularities of ourselves. Where we have every right to question each and every question whether someone likes it or not. If we split the word ” Indiboy “, it will be “Indi+Boy”. Indi stands for independence and Boy is deprivation. Now why is that let’s discuss.

At first if we focus on something uneven. Like those things which are already in discussion nowadays. Like the cast and creed system. We often raise our voices against this system. Or if we talk about the so-called complexion categorization where some people find it appreciative and others find it disrespectful.


Why? Why there’s such a shame exist in our system? Now I’m just questioning the parts which already have support from some amount of people in society. People have already heard the words like “Racism”. That’s a satisfactory part of our plan. But we want all to chant the right verses to keep everyone indifferent by birth and let them give every possible chance to bloom and be the different person they want to be.

Now moving on to the even portions which are still not at all wrong for most of the society or the entire of it. The things we are taking for granted. The things we are introduced to with ultimate confidence. We’ve made them the valuables of our heritage. We’ve already included them in our life as a constant. Our beliefs. “Specific belief system” would be a great term for it.

If I have to take an example, it would be proper independence distribution. In most aspects, boys get more exposure to take independent initiatives where girls don’t get it at all. Our society has a different value system for different gender in case of giving them their rights also. So more particularly Indiboy is working on those traditional mindsets which are improper and needs an explanation.

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