What is Initium? How Dinesh Das is working as a social reformer by this project?

As we all know the hard time of COVID-19, all had faced some sort of business related problems and others too. If you are one among them, then you are at right place to deal the problem.

Suppose you have to make your business online suddenly. But due to lack of knowledge and investment, it is very difficult for you to make your business stand in the crowd of businesses and to earn profit. Here you will find some solutions with Initium.

As the word Initium implies new beginning, here comes our new project for growing your small Business- “Initium Project-  A Web River initiative”.

So, Who is founder of Initium? What is initium project? How can it help you? How does it work? How to make business online and make profit? How initium can help you growing your business?

Yes, you will get answer to all these questions.

Founder of Initium

Of course, you know about Dinesh Das. Dinesh Das is a serial entrepreneur, politician, financial advisor, writer and News editor. Being a versatile personality he owns one of the best social media marketing and digital marketing company Web River. He is a social reformer working for improving and changing the things for betterment of people in society systems.

This time with a new idea and new concept, the initium project.

What is Initium project?

Initium project deals with the risks and comforts for your business. It will be giving a platform for development of your business.

Then the main thing to think is, How? So, Under Web River initiative, Initium gives us the facility to rebuild and introduce new online business. Any new business has to face challenges of market and the pressure of demand. Huge investment is required to make websites, promotions, marketing and many more. After that also the business is not getting profit. So we have to think in all round way to create a business.

So, to get rid off all these things, you can trust on Initium. Initium will take all the risks and wait till the business gives profit.


How can initium help you?

Let’s see the risks and promotions that will help you to understand better about initium.


Initium is ready to take all the risks for your business like,

  • Creating Website
  • Creating content
  • Video uploading
  • Developing Online profile
  • Online visibility

All these risks involve a great amount of money which you need to worry about as, initium will take all these risks for your business.


For promoting your business online, various ways are:

  • Digital marketing
  • Business promotion
  • Bringing customers
  • Lead generation campaign

100% Free, Zero investment– Here the good thing is, we will give you all this facilities for free.

Yes you read it right. All these risks and promotion is for free and zero investment. Initium will not charge anything for it.

But the important part is, then how?

  • All the services will be available for free, 100% free, until your business become profitable.
  • After it is profitable, we will take small share of profit from it, as we gave various platform for uprising your business.
  • Definitely, need not to worry because we will make your business profitable on all costs.

How does it work?

These 6 easy steps will give you idea about how does initium works.

  1. Quick discussion:- If You have a business with bad revenue or lack of digital strategy or having a very good idea that You want to work on, feel free to talk to us and discuss your thought on it.
  • Understanding your business:- Once we get your proposal we evaluate it make a easy and effective strategy to implement it.
  • Discuss the funding Models:- After the strategy is ready we make the funding and budget calculation with the proper outcome numbers. Numbers are the key component in this matter.
  • Explain you the paper work:- Business is a living thing only in papers and legality. Once the Numbers a re set we complete the paper works done then.
  • Delivering the strategy:- We start the project ready to be launched.
  • Enjoy the results:- It generally take one week to 12 weeks time to show the result in general.

# Even if your business is running good… .. ..

Initium will then also help to  grow it and deliver marketing from our side.

  # If your business does not earn profit… ..

Then also, you need not to worry. You will not be charged anything and then the choice will be yours.

So, what are you waiting for?

Visit our site- www.webriver.in

Watch it:- Video

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