How Dinesh Das is being totally committed to his commitments?

Dinesh Das is owning one of the best social media marketing and digital marketing company: Web River. The company’s office is in Kolkata.
Website- www.webriver.co.in
Web River is one of the best platforms for many purposes in the field of business. It is ready to serve its services. They are:-

Website designing

Domains and hostings.


Web development and maintenance

Creative designs


Visual assistance

Web scraping

Brand identity and strategy

Leads generation


Along with this, he introduced – Fair Finance. It is also one of the trending financial companies in India. This provides help to all those who are just setting up something new.
Dinesh Das is working on various platforms for the betterment of people. He suffered a lot in the previous years of his teens. He worked hard and build up such a strong and supportive company so that the people of India can get many benefits from it.

Dinesh Das

In the world of selfishness, He proved to find a project for all the people having small businesses. He gave- the Initium project which supports your small business with zero investment. This project will take all risks for your business and asks for nothing in return. When your business start to grow and make up a good profitable amount, then it takes just some charges from that profit.

Another thing is, that Dinesh Das is also a news editor and he created websites for delivering recent and genuine news to the world. The content is published in three languages, ie. Bengali, English, and Hindi.
For Bengali, Banglakhabor.
For English, unveil.press
For Hindi, Hind marg
Indi Boy is another revolutionary movement where we question to every possible culture or tradition of our society which needs to be questioned. If Dinesh Das proceeds like this, soon there will be a huge change in our society in both mental and financial way.

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