Qualifications of Dinesh Das

Educational background of Dinesh Das

Dinesh Das is a social reformer, is a man of achievements. Being brought up in hard conditions he proved that a man has the potential to achieve anything if he desires to be.

Qualification is just a word to fulfill criteria to become a part of the educational system. But yes, it is important to build up a great personality and achievements.

Dinesh Das is working on various platforms for serving the nation’s people. He is a great politician and a Star in the eyes of people.

Qualifications of Dinesh Das

He is the first person in his rural village who studied and worked hard to become a man of wisdom. He is from a very small locality of Kolkata, where electricity and others sources are still lacking.

He studied and completed his school education brilliantly. Then he moved for bachelor’s and master’s. He completed his master’s in M. Phil degree.

Dinesh Das is a man with great Aim, who bring a revolution in the field of online business, giving an initiative by Web Riber- Initium.

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